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What types of Insurance do I offer?
I provide exceptional advice and guidance for both personal and commercial insurance. Personal can include the following: ATV, Auto, Boat, Health, Home, Life, Snowmobile, Umbrella. Commercial can include Automotive, Bonds, Commercial Packages, General and Professional Liability, Workers Compensation.

Does my car insurance cover me when I rent a car?
In the continental United States your Minnesota auto insurance policy is going to cover you if there is an accident with a rental car. Important to remember, you must have auto insurance in Minnesota and you must be renting the car in the United States. Other states and other parts of the world this may not necessarily be true.

What is no fault insurance, or PIP?
No fault insurance is slang for Personal Injury Protection or PIP. No Fault insurance or PIP, covers bodily injurys and associated medical bills in an accident. The Personal Injury Protection element of no-fault car insurance ensures not only that your hospital bills are paid, but that you're also covered for any associated losses.

Does my auto insurance pay if someone else is driving my car?
In Minnesota, auto insurance follows the car. If you give a friend permission to take your car to the store and he is involved in an accident, coverage will be based on the policy for that vehicle – not the driver.

What is renter insurance?
Renter insurance is an insurance policy built to suit the needs of individuals and families who do not own the property they live in. In many ways a renter insurance policy is similar to a homeowner insurance policy except the building coverage has been removed. However, there is still coverage for personal property and personal liability among other important coverages.

Is Hail Damage Covered on My Homeowners Insurance Policy?
Hail damage is covered under a homeowners insurance policy depending on what form of homeowners insurance policy you purchased. A Broad or Special form policy will provide coverage in most cases. However, if you have a Basic or Fire Only homeowners insurance policy it is very likely you will not have coverage.

What is universal life insurance?
Universal life insurance is a unique product in that it is actually two different products packaged together. The first product is a one year annual renewable term life policy at the face amount listed on the policy. The second product is a cash value account that grow at either a guaranteed interest rate or the current rate whatever is higher. Universal life insurance has some advantages such as the ability to cash out at any time and the ability to change amount of premium payments.