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Claim Information
If you need to report a claim, the most effortless way to deal with it would be to stop in or call my office. I am happy to sit down and answer any questions you may have. You are always welcome to leave a message if it is after regular business hours. I will call you back the next business day.
Contacting the company directly is also an option you have. Listed below are my companies and their 24-hour claim service.
Company Phone Number Company Links
aaa 1.800.779.5630 AAA
aaa 1.800.242.7666 Acuity
aaa 1.800.328.4628 Austin Mutual
aaa 1.800.348.1741 Integrity
aaa 1.800.766.1853 State Auto
aaa 1.800.274.4499 Progressive
americanmodern 1.800.375.2075 American Modern
foremost 1.800.527.3907 Foremost
safeco 1.800.332.3226 Safeco
travelers 1.800.252.4633 Travelers